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Edelbrock Shock Absorbers
Skyjacker Shock Absorbers


Our online store is credible in providing well-defined and well-known shock absorbers that most vehicles use. One of the outstanding shocks manufacturers that we trust is Edelbrock. Edelbrock Shock Absorbers are versatile shocks that deliver incredible handling even at rough surfaces. They have a complete set line of shock absorbers that anyone can see and review. In most cases, these shock absorbers are compatible with any vehicles such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Toyota, etc.

Edelbrock IAS shock absorbers are shocks that bring outstanding control stability and incredible response handling over tight turns. It also reduces the body roll and produces a comfortable ride and vehicle control. Only Edelbrock uses or incorporates the patented design Ricor Inertia Active System in their automotive shocks. The idea is pretty unique because of its exceptional valve design. This feature senses changes when the vehicle encounters large terrain. It automatically adjusts to give a better, comfortable ride plus stability.

All Edelbrock IAS shocks have these outstanding features:

  • Patented Inertia Active System for the best of both worlds... smooth ride and superior handling
  • NitroSteel® piston rod won't chip or flake like chrome
  • High-pressure gas mono-tube construction that dissipates heat more effectively for increased seal life and durability
  • Durable powder-coated finish for the best corrosion resistance in the industry
  • Polyurethane bushings are more responsive
  • Welds done with robotic projection welder for accuracy and consistent quality
  • Tube ends are rolled closed for leak-free construction... other brands have tubes that are welded closed
  • Large, 46mm piston for more consistent damping
  • Viton seal and low friction piston rod bearing for long life and no leaks

Edelbrock Shock Absorbers

Edelbrock Shocks Trucks, Cars, SUVs Edelbrock Shocks Universal Off-Road Edelbrock Shocks
Street Rod Shocks
Edelbrock Shocks Trucks, Cars, SUVs Edelbrock Shocks Universal Off-Road Edelbrock Shocks Street Rod Shocks

For Lifted Truck, SUV and JEEP Applications
The Xtreme Travel Remote Reservoir shocks brings an extra travel and has more oil capacity for demanding off-road conditions. These shocks are engineered with patented Inertia Active System (IAS) for smoother ride and superior control and handling. It has a zinc-plated finish and 5/8" rods that provides durability for lifted Trucks, SUVs and RVs.


For Lifted Truck, SUV and JEEP Applications
The Xtreme IAS shocks give an extended travel performance for lifted trucks and SUVs, without additional cost of external reservoir. These shocks were designed with the patented Inertia Active System (IAS) for smooth ride and superior control stability and control handling. The zinc-plated finish and 5/8" rod are the main features that make these shocks high in quality and best in performance.


For Late Model, Muscle Car, Truck, SUV and JEEP Applications
The Performer IAS shocks were the first shock absorbers to include the Inertia Active System (IAS), that revolutionized ride and handling quality standard. These shocks are designed for stock ride-height and selected lowered applications. The Performer IAS Shocks features a distinctive red powder-coated finish that makes them look stylish and durable. Classic IAS shocks, on the other hand, offers a more classical gunmetal gray finish and is available for selected muscle-car applications.


Adjustable Height for Toyota and Dodge Trucks
The Edelbrock VS-3 shocks are stock replacements for Trucks and SUVs with coil-over-shock suspensions. These shocks have been designed to deliver better ride by eliminating chassis bounce at high speed and allow height adjustability, during installation, from stock up to 2". These mono-tube shocks incorporate a powdered metal velocity-sensitive piston and are manufactured from DOM steel. VS-3 shocks are finished with clear powder-coat over zinc plating for longer durability.


For Classic Street Rod Coil-Over and Beam Front Axle Applications
The Edelbrock Street Rod Shocks are available in a wide variety for street rod applications. Street Rod IAS was manufactured with the patented Inertia Active System (IAS) for smooth ride and superior control and handling. These shocks are made from black powder-coating finish for a clean, classic look.
Looking tough in performance, the Adjustable Billet Aluminum shocks are of premium quality featuring a sintered metal velocity-sensitive piston and an external valve adjustment polished to give a custom look.


Our store listed all the best and classy shock absorbers in the market today. We trust Edelbrock Shocks as one of our top shock manufacturer that’s highly recommended for vehicles that aims to have the best vehicle suspensions. These Edelbrock Shock Absorbers are also dedicated and particularly designed for Trucks, SUVs and RVs. Explore this section to find the most suitable Edelbrock Shock Absorber.

We will be more than willing to help each customer understand every aspect of shocks' importance and features. For more detailed information, please visit our manufacturer’s page as well.